Do Violetta Live w Polsce pozostało...

Do Violetta Live w Polsce pozostało...

trwa inicjalizacja, prosze czekac...


[ViolettaLive] Concerts in Europe

[ViolettaLive] Concerts in Europe

Violetta Live is a big event undertaking many countries, cities and people who call themselves V-lovers. The concerts can evoke tears of joy and many smiles on peoples faces. Violetta Live already came to most countries in Europe. At the moment the cast is getting ready to start the shows in Latin America. In this post you can find out about the concerts in Europe.

Wiadomość dla Polaków - nic nowego tutaj nie ma, gdyż jest to opis typowego koncertu VL.
Samantha, you are amazing! Thank you!

A Violetta Live concert is nearly 2 hours of good fun. The setlist contains nearly thirty songs (which some of are sung live), plenty of energetic choreography and also moments filled with tears of joy. The stage design is very professional. The stage has got 3 levels and two podiums - one on the left and on the right side of the stage. The band members are on the highest level. The two lower levels are used by the cast and dancers to sing and dance on. There are big screens over the stage where you can read the words to the songs and be able to see the cast better. There are also special effects incuding fog, fire, and wind.

1. Opening - songs: En gira / Tienes el talento / Euforia

The concert starts with a show of lights. Next dancers came out who were dressed like airport staff. They danced and then after a while the first melodies of "En Gira" rung out. Martina Stoessel was lifted down on the stage on suitcases and greeted the vlovers with a hello. She sang the first couple of lines then Mechi, Cande and Diego sang the the next lines. In the background you could hear the rest of the cast. The next song was Tienes El Talento. Ruggero and Cande were singing instead of Xabiani and Lodovica. Next song which is Euforia was similar Tienes El Talento. Then the whole cast greeted and talked to the audience for a few minutes while Martina was getting ready for the next song.

2. Habla si puedes +  conversation of Leonetta + Podemos

On the stairs we could see Martina. While she was singing Habla Si Puedes she pretended to write in her diary. The song was shorter than the En Vivo's concert version. When the song was finished Jorge came on stage. They started talking and Jorge told her that she sings nicely. They both asked the public are they ready for the next song. They sat on a swing and then it started lifting from the stage. They were hovering over the stage while singing Podemos. Unfortunately this song was also shortened.

3. Are you ready for the ride?

This time on the stage we could see Broduey (Samuel), Federico (Ruggero) and Maxi (Facundo). They started singing Are You Ready For The Ride without Jorge. When Jorge joined they sang the full song with the choreography. Ruggero was singing instead of Nicolas (Andres). 

4. Alcancemos las estrellas

When the guys finished singing the lights went out. After a while Tini, Mechi, Cande and Alba came on stages highest level. They started singing. The choreography is different than the En Vivo's version. Tini sang instead of Lodovica. 

5. Voy por ti

Jorge appears at the side of the stage holding a guitar I'm his hand. He says that this song is going to be calmer. He plays the guitar and sings Voy Por Ti. He sings the first stanza and the chorus. When the audience calms down he puts down the guitar and once again sings Voy Por Ti with the backing track accompanied with dancers. 
6. Underneath it all

After Jorge leaves the stage the lights go off and after a couple of seconds we hear the start of Underneath It All. Martina appears on stage, but this time dressed as Roxy. She has glasses and a red wig on. Walking on stage she sings the song. Before the last stanza she slowly takes of the glasses and the wig and throws them behind her. She then continues the song as Violetta. 

7. Luz cammara y accion

Tini goes off the stage after Underneath It All. Once again the lights go off and Ruggero appears on the higher level of the stage. He sings Luz Cammara y Accion. He is accompanied by female dancers. Near the end Mercedes comes on stage and they dance together until the end. 

8. Codigo amistad

Tini and Cande come on stage next. Tini is playing a game on a tablet but Cande drags her away from it. They start talking about their friendship. The song is shortened and the choreography is different than in the episodes. During the first stanza Tini and Cande are lifted off the stage on a podium. 

9. Entre dos mundos

The lights go off and the girls exit the stage. After seconds Jorge comes on. This time he sings his song from the second season Entre Dos Mundos. 

10. Peligrosamente bellas

The lights go off again and Mechi and Alba come on stage accompanied with male dancers with big red feathered fans as props. They show off their brilliant vocals. 

11. Veo Veo

We see Cande and Tini walking down the stairs and they're asking the audience are they ready for the next song. They check does the audience know the words. They sing a bit without music but then sing the full song. Lodovica's parts are mostly sung by Cande. 

2. Yo soy asi + Leon and Diego conversation

Diego comes on stage with his dancers and talks to the audience. Then he sings Yo Soy Asi. When he's finished Jorge comes on stage. They talk and work everything out. They say that they are friends now. 
13. Supercreativa

Martina appears on stage with a lot of dancers. The song is shortened. Even though she lip syncs the song, the choreography and the special effects (fire) make the performance really good.  

14. Te esperare

Jorge sung this song at the En Vivo and the song was really popular. That's why he sings it again at Violetta Live. He walks across the stage numerous of times and waves to the fans.

15. Como quieres

Tini comes on stage. She sings and dances to Como Quieres. She has a silver costume on. She doesn't sing the first couple of lines but lets the audience do it. 

16. Ven con nosotros

Facundo, Jorge, Samuel and Ruggero come on stage. The boys band in Violetta have good songs so they had to include some in Violetta Live. The dance is very energetic.

17. Ser quien soy  + On beat

Diego is sitting on the steps and is writing the song. Then Tini joins him, and asks what us he doing. He shows her the song and they sing it together with the audience. Then Jorge comes on stage and says everyone is ready for the next song - On Beat. The choreography doesn't change. 
18. Juntos somos mas

After On Beat the band plays for a couple of seconds to let Mechi change her outfit for this song. She is the star in Juntos Somos Mas.

19. Speech of Tini +  Soy mi mejor momento + Leonetta kiss

Martina comes on stage. This is the most emotional part of the concert. She makes a speech to the audience about how you always have to fight for your dreams. She talks about how much Violetta changed her life and how grateful she is to have us. She then plays the guitar with Pancho and sings Soy Mi Mejor Momento. She then sings it again with the music. Jorge comes on stage when she's finished. They then kiss and come off the stage.

20. Ser mejor

First Tini comes on and start singing. Then slowly everyone else joins her. During the song Martina encourages the audience to sing with them and wave their hands.

21. Thank you's + En Gira

Everyone leaves the stage. The band starts playing En Gira. All the dancers come out and bow. After them the cast comes out and says thank you to the audience. Everyone points at the band which also need a thanking. At the end everyone sings the chorus of En Gira.

22. Jorge gets the audience excited + Te creo

Jorge talks to the audience and announces the next song which is Te Creo. Tini flies over the audience on a moon shaped object. She sings with the audience. 

23. En mi mundo

After Tini lands on stage she changes once again and comes on stage with the rest of the cast and sings En Mi Mundo. At the end she shouts to people to jump and scream. At the end the dancers lift Tini and lots of purple confetti hearts fly everywhere. Tini leaves to change once again while the rest have fun on the stage. 

24. Libre soy

Martina sings the last song alone on the stage which is Libre Soy. It's not related to Violetta but it's still a great song that children love. She walks around the stage making gestures with her long dress. At the end she thanks the audience for coming and leaves the stage.

That's how the whole concert looks like.  The songs, choreographies, costumes, the stage and the special effects look amazing. It's all very professional. 

 * Italy

The only thing that was different in Italy was that En Mi Mundo was sung in the Italian version Nel Mio Mondo and that Libre Soy was sung in half Spanish, half Italian. 


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